Thursday, 16 October 2008

Landslide victory for the Apathy Party

Poll topper Ian Le Marquand secured 14,238 votes from a total possible electorate of 55,142 - just 25.8%

6th place Sarah Ferguson got in with just 15.5%, just ahead of Mike Higgins with 13%

Let that be a lesson for those who can't be bothered to vote. Even if a fairly small proportion of them had actually turned up, the results could have been drastically different.

So why do they not bother? That's a matter for proper research by opinion polls, but every time I find I'm speaking to someone who won't vote it's because they say : "What's the point? It won't change anything. They're all as bad as each other and do what they want once they're in, breaking all their promises."

It is never : "I'm happy enough with things as they are".
It is always : "What's the point?"

Sure, it's a lot better than a brutal dictatorship, but our version of democracy is resoundingly rejected by a large majority.

Isn't it time we tackled that?

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Lizzy said...

People who do not vote are no friends of mine,or Jersey.
And lo and behold any of those moaners and complainers who did not exercise their vote.