Thursday, 16 October 2008


Frank is putting his usual spin on the election results, saying that it shows that the public have chosen stability and endorse the ministerial system.

Ha! Excuse me, but the poll topper is a new candidate who stood on a platform of calling for change, and the second place went to a Deputy most known for opposition and Scrutiny work.

Of the three ministerial Senators, one lost his seat and the other two limped in low down in the second half of the six, not very far ahead of the JDA and independent runners up. In St.Helier, with the largest number of voters, JDA party candidate Geoff Southern came third.

And all this with a turnout of just 44% - with most of the six newly elected candidates getting less than half the number of votes each as the 19,000 who signed the ignored GST petition.

The public have spoken. It is very far from a ringing endorsement of recent government performance.

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