Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Election figures, and parties...

Looking at the figures after just 5 results, it looks like most of the runners up are statistically in a bit of a bunch (that's a technical term!) apart from the tail-enders who are the only ones we can really say have been told that they're no-hopers by the electorate (this time).

The rest of the runners up should accept the disappointment this time around and resolve to raise their profile for an attempt as deputies.

Given the way the island usually votes, ending up amongst the middle of the Senatorial pack is a sign you're doing something right, at least.

As for the parties, it doesn't seem to be panning out that it's made much difference, with a spread of party or non-party candidates amongst the runners up. One thing is clear : even a party member candidate is prefered to a relative unknown or a beardy green!

Not exactly a total rejection of party politics, is it?

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