Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It's like a jungle sometimes...

.. it makes me wonder how they keep from going under.

Recently announced cutbacks on Jersey Zoo (or whatever they're calling it these days after a couple of name changes - JWPT/JZ/D) staffing levels look like the begining of the end. How sad.

Fellow local blogger Tony today had this to say about entrance fees

I know I can do a great impression of a skinflint at the best of times, but I really do balk at that price to get in the place, even when taking into consideration the Good Cause aspect of it all.

Many's the time where I feel like a nice walk around the peaceful gardens and a look at the animals, even if I'm on my own with an hour or two to spare I'd have a nice stroll around, see if I can get some nice photos, but 13 quid is too much for a pleasant walk compared to the free scenery on offer elsewhere.

Surely the huge turnout at the free entry day last year proved that demand was there but that price had been a barrier? I suppose that brighter minds than mine have done the sums and who am I to question their policy, but is there really nothing that can be done to tempt the locals up there more often? Discount vouchers for repeat visits within a number of months, for example? Anything that makes people think that they're getting a good deal and that would help to get people into the habit of going there more often - would be a good thing.

If they can't depend upon us locals to support them, then the writing's on the wall. As Tourism is a faded shadow of its former self, and I suspect that an attraction like the zoo absolutely depends upon the levels of mass tourism we used to enjoy but no longer see... then it's hard to escape the conclusion that the show's over before much longer.

We have a great place there, fellow islanders.... and we're in danger of losing it. Place your bets on how many years it will be before they say enough is enough and close it down. Will it follow in the Living Legend's footsteps (and numerous others) and revert to a private manor house with a luxury housing development around the sides before long? Will we moan about it? Will we do anything to prevent that outcome? Will the States do ANYTHING to halt the complete destruction of Tourism and actually support what little we have left?

I think we can easily guess the answers there. This rock gets worse year by year!