Wednesday, 15 September 2010

End of School Milk, end of Jersey

States votes to cut school milk
Jersey's government has voted to stop providing free milk in school as part of spending cuts.

I have always thought that this issue served as a useful barometer of whether the States of Jersey (and the minority of voters that elect them) actually cares about the welfare of children and our society in general. With this decision we have finally arrived at the position where it's plainly obvious that we're beyond hope, slipping down a greased slide into oblivion. What hope is there for an island which used to have "money coming out of its ears", that is now so badly mismanaged that we can't even afford to give our youngsters free milk from our world famous dairy herd?

Last one to leave, don't bother switching off the lights, they won't be working by then anyway.


voiceforchildren said...


There is worse than that. I (when I calm down) will be posting a Blog on the frightening votes and speeches made today in the States.

Jackie Hilton, Ann Dupre, Jimmy Perchard are but a few that will be getting a mention. I jest not when I say people of Jersey be afraid, be very afraid. Our children do not stand a chance.

goosh said...

I will be contacting her on to see what she has to say regarding the matter.
How she hasnt been brought to book on her inflamatory comments is indicative of how apathetic the Jersey public has become.