Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Fireworks or not?

Would a bit of consistency be too much to hope for?

Fireworks rounded off the Battle of Flowers Moonlight Parade (a little too soon, and a little too far away, but never mind) and also the Gorey Fete.

But hang on - didn't we decide that fireworks are environmentally unsound and best avoided? Didn't the island mess about Terry Macdonald considerably because his record breaking attempt was called off due to green concerns?

Terry has been treated disgracefully (google it if you're unfamiliar with the story!) so I have to wonder - are we happy with fireworks or not?!

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TonyTheProf said...

I think the concern was with the volume - it was a record breaking attempt - rather than just having fireworks.

It was still absolutely shameful the way he was treated. Do you know what has happened with him now?