Monday, 15 September 2008

Vote 4 Senators, not Deputies?

(Updated since first posted)

For some time now I've felt that voting has been a waste of time. There are 53 members of the States, and how many do I get to vote for? 12 Senators, 1 Deputy, and a "Connetable" if I'm lucky and someone contests the post.
Out of 53.
My calculator reckons that's 26.4% of the house I can vote for - only just over a quarter of them.
Remind me why I should bother voting?

Many of the things that really irritate me - meddling changes to St.Helier - are beyond my control. I may spend about half of my waking hours in town (being an office worker) but because I live in another parish I have no say in who the Constable is, let alone the rest of the parish appointed Roads Committee, etc.

I would have to be really stressed about any particular issue to directly contact any of the States Members.... but the fact remains that I shouldn't have to... I should have been able to vote for them in the first place.

I firmly believe that an Island Wide Mandate - Senators - for all States Members - is the way forward. I admit it would make voting tricky, with absurdly long ballot papers unless the terms could be overlapped in time with a certain number up for election each year, but at least that would keep politics in the public eye and keep issues fresh if there was an election every year.

I can't imagine convincing enough people...
.. but I feel I must protest somehow.

And the way to protest is as follows...... if we have two different elections this year, one for Senators and one later for Deputies...... then all we need to do is turn out in force for the Senatorial election and stay well away from the Deputies.

Obviously it would take a lot of like-minded people to participate for this to affect the results enough to make a noticeable difference.

But it's worth a try. What better way to register a protest about unreasonable undemocratic representation?

I'll vote for Senators. But not for a pointless Deputy (just one of 53). Who's with me?

I've seen the error of my ways. Looking at it from an angle of the democracy depending upon 12 different opinion polls, it's vital that every elector plays their part and has their say, no matter how few candidates that's for. If everyone does their duty, then the sample sizes can be almost reasonable and the overall result isn't as bad as I originally thought.

I'm very much in favour of voting. We're lucky that we can, are we not?

All the dissatisfaction people have with our government is entirely due to their own collective apathy. We truly do all suffer from the government the apathetic majority deserve.

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