Wednesday, 10 September 2008

GST on Air Display programme!

I always buy a glossy programme for the air display, important to support the worthy cause and all that. So I popped into the newsagents in Bath St on my way past, grabbed one and put a fiver on the counter. As I was putting my wallet away and was about to leave, the assistant asked me for the further 15p....... GST!!
As she already had my fiver and I was holding my purchase it felt a bit too late to complain (and 15p wasn't going to ruin me), so I paid the extra charge wearily and left.
But the principle of the thing has annoyed me. Taxing the worthy cause? Whatever next?!
I think the States should make a donation to compensate, at the very least.

Next year (if there's a display next year) I will buy one from somewhere where the States don't get their greedy paws involved.

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