Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Welcome to crapaudpinion.
I had previously thought I'd stick to the photos and videos and leave my personal opinions out of it (apart from the odd comments here and there), but then I thought up the c***opinion name and thought I may as well grab it before anyone else does (not that it's likely!).
So if I need to vent on any subjects, here's where it will happen.
I'm not expecting much of an audience or a huge amount of comments, but it's good therapy to let off steam isn't it?


voiceforchildren said...

Good to see a fellow islander wanting to air their views.

Have put a link on my blog for here

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks vfc, I have all the links on my main photoblog and can't face duplicating them all here, so this one will look a bit more sparse.

All the best