Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Nanny State caught napping

Considering just how many things we're banned from doing just in case something exceptionally unlikely should happen, I'm absolutely amazed that the Powers That Be would allow a high powered racing car to gun it down the crowded Battle of Flowers arena, just feet away from children sitting on the kerb.

OK, so mechanical failure was unlikely in a highly engineered and well maintained Formula Renault car. Lapses of concentration or judgement were a tad unlikely for an experienced driver, and sudden health problems are quite unlikely in a fit young man. But if ever there was a case for the chance of a youngster suddenly running out or the consequences of a mishap being very dire indeed - this must have been it.

If you saw the report on the telly you'll have seen how Mr Walker was accelerating as impressively and noisily as fast as he could, the back end was skittishly scrabbling for grip, and he was obviously fighting to keep it under control in a straight line. All this just inches away from crowds. Quite amazing, in this day and age!

Forgive me for spotting double standards a mile off, but if I ever get a ticking off for 'dangerously' accelerating hard I will be sure to remember this one.

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