Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Digital Jersey Divide

Digital Jersey was set up to promote the island's digital economy and make the most of future IT opportunities. Would you expect membership to be open to anyone interested? No...... from a look at their website's registration page, we see that you have to be a Jersey-based company, partnership or sole trader.

  • What if you're retired from the industry but still interested, wanting to have some input and pass on some of your wisdom accumulated over the years?
  • What if you're currently out of work, hoping and waiting for the next IT job to come along - and would benefit from being able to attend their events to network and get your face known?
  • What if you're 'just' an employee, not management?
  • What if you work in another industry but want to switch, or are keenly interested for any reason?
  • What if you're a student or school leaver also eager to embark on a Digital Jersey career?

Sorry.... but it looks like you're not welcome! Jersey's legendary lack of inclusivity strikes again. Just another one of those "them and us" divides that crop up all too often.


Anonymous said...

So is this just a club for business networking? .. pun not intended.
And who is funding this "club"?

The Beano is not the Rag

crapaudpinion said...

The Jersey Taxpayer, of course!

Anonymous said...

Well there is a surprise.... Part of the population being marginalised once more.

The Beano is not the Rag