Thursday, 25 April 2013

Landslide 74% victory for Vote D

So, very nearly 3/4 of the voters supported the Option D that I promoted in my last post here - don't vote - showing their disdain for the flawed and risable electoral commission.

I win! :)

Except that I don't really win. The Establishment's hijacked commision (what happened to "independent"?!) will convince themselves that people who turned up to vote have more sway than those who made the decision not to legitimise the whole farce by making an appearance at the polling stations, so the results (that they rigged in their favour with the way the options and voting system were arranged) will be taken as a ringing endorsement of change. They will get their way, there will be less opposition to their domination of the States with the drop to 42 members, the popular and widely supported Senators will go (don't tell me support for Senators has just vanished into thin air since the last opinion poll showed a strong desire to keep them).....  their me-me-me right-wing "strong governement" will carry on downtreading the less fortunate while the gap between rich and poor widens even further.

WTF does "strong government" even mean, Mr Shenton? The most powerful group gets to bully the oppostion and get their own way no matter what? Is that really the best that democracy has to offer?

Jersey will remain apathetic to what the States manages to achieve. When all is said and done, politicians are still mainly loathsome creatures supported by the fools who vote for them. The correct way to handle politics is to stand well back and observe from a distance, then join specific campaigns for issues you really care about.

Politics in general is a seething mass of irrelevance that we just don't feel empowered to influence except for very specific areas of life where we have a chance of supporting a movement calling for some direction we want. That's the best we can hope for. We are resigned to letting them do what they do, and hoping that they don't mess things up so much that we have to demonstrate in the Square (not that even that helps much, either).

For me, the most amusing part of this charade was the proof that Ian Le M supporting something (Option C) was only enough to convince 19% of the electorate to visit the booths. He didn't do much to atttract voters to his point of view, did he? And, as Senator, his career in the States seems a little doomed.

Oh well. Life goes on. At least we still get to moan about it, whether people think we have a right to, or not.

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Anonymous said...

Less than half of the voters who went to the polls voted for option B. Do the maths.