Monday, 11 March 2013

Restore our heritage or widen the road

The CoOp did have a reasonable plan to do up this row of heritage buildings, but the scheme was too overbearing in height and Planning wouldn't pass it. So now they want to demolish the lot, and they say they have no other choice.

I say : refuse to accept this! It makes me ashamed to be a shareholder, if this is what they want to do to our townscape.

The answer is simple. If we have to lose the buildings, then there's no good reason to keep this road so narrow. It's a danger to pedestrians. I have found, in several instances, people trying to cross the road from the narrow lane and having difficulty with limited visibility of oncoming traffic. A shop on the other side of the lane has suffered damage from lorry collisions a few times too.

So, sorry CoOp - but you can't have it both ways. If you insist upon taking these buildings away from us, then we should insist upon having a wider and safer road. I wonder if that would make any difference to their plans?


Anonymous said...

Grow up!

Crapaudpinion said...

Thanks for your well reasoned argument.