Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Your ruination of Portelet

(Updated Wed 21-Sept-11 with BEFORE photos)

It's in your name. You vote for these greedy idiots!

The holiday camp may have been large but it never dominated the landscape like this.

The wide angle view they don't show you in the media - it looks like a town has expanded to the bay and is about to spill over the cliff.

So out of place it looks like it was photoshopped - sadly this is a genuine photo.

The old holiday camp was set back from the edge, with a swimming pool in front, and wasn't so high and overbearing.

I quite like the interesting design but this really isn't a fitting place for it. It's a travesty to spoil the bay like this.

A few years earlier ...

The holiday village was far less stark, natural colours and no large flat areas...

.. so it sat comfortably in the landscape without drawing undue attention to itself.

You could see the top of the cliff face behind the flat roof, and there was copious greenery all around...

.. closer - and no ugly buildings right on the skyline either.

If we're going to over-develop the bay, call in the Italians for some aesthetic guidance!

(Manarola, Cinque Terre)

After all the Line In The Sand and fuss over Plemont, you'd think they'd learn, wouldn't you? This is what you get when you vote for the money men to look after the island. All they care about is making more money.

The government you deserve. The planning you deserve. The environment you deserve.

Jersey, you voted (or failed to vote) last time for the clowns who will always ride roughshod over the wishes of the real islanders, promoting their interests above ours.

This is a disgrace. A disgusting disgrace. Hang your heads in shame, those responsible. That includes YOU if you never bother to use your vote, or if you choose the 'safe pair of hands' who obviously know what's best because their selfish drives and psychopathic absence of empathy for anyone but themselves has led them to positions of wealth and 'success'. Out of proportion wealth and success comes from greedily leaching inordinate amounts of money from other people - remember that. The rich get richer at the expense of others. Is that a quality that makes for good leaders?

For f***'s sake vote wisely next month or there'll be even more of this selfish rape of our island.


Anonymous said...

Somebody should dig out a comparison photo from when the holiday camp was there because I'm sure as heck it was almost invisible behind the trees.

Anonymous said...

Well said, I totally agree with you.

st-ouennais said...

Well said. That development is utterly iconic! A lasting unmistakable testament to our planning system and its flexibility to the right pressures.

Anonymous said...

Could someone put a picture up of the plans that were rejected by Cohen after insisting on this cross between a grammar school and a airport departure lounge.I know he keeps harping on about the fact that planning permission was already given,but it was solely down to him against advice from everyone,planning and enviromental groups to make them change it to this design,which i beleive is far larger in square meterage and height than the original plans.
In fact i would go even further and say there should be an investigation into the events that led to him making this decision including all meetings with Dandara and anyone else with vested interest,ie shareholders,investors,etc.Also a full declaration of all directrships he holds,executive and non-executive and any trusts or other organisations.
These flats are obviously designed to be 'lock up and leave'apartments for wealthy tax dodgers.How he could be so instrumental in their construction to the benefit of a very few is beyone comprehension.He needs to be investigated immediately before he gets his teeth into his latest money making venture,selling off Airports and Harbours to private companies with Frank Walker.
God help us

Nick Palmer said...

I agree with anon above - could you include in your post a photo of the old development for comparison?

Anonymous said...

Here's a photo from a similar perspective taken in 2005

TonyTheProf said...

Wasn't it Philip Ozouf's Planning Committee that passed the original plans? No wonder not too much is made of that!

Anonymous said...

The older photos show that even though the holiday camps was visible from the opposite headland it was in NO way as intrusive as the new development.

What I find looking at those pictures is the holiday camp is something one notices after browsing the bay. With the modern development the eye is drawn immediately towards the houses. That's the BIG difference.

Tom said...

Here is the development just being built, viewed from the islet: