Monday, 21 June 2010

A Little Protest

Time 4 Change's "Stop the cuts" protest didn't draw a massive crowd...

(caption contest, anyone?!)

OK, to be fair, in the run-up to midday there were about 20 people milling around, and the above shot captured Monty asking them to draw closer. Shortly afterwards there were about 50 assembled...


TonyTheProf said...

Caption: Small boy thought bubble - "I brought my sword because Nic Le Cornu said they wanted to slay the dragon of capitalism, but all I can see is a man making speeches"

Nic said...


Très drole.

Were you there? If not why not? Whose side are you on mate?

The point is to try and create a movement that will oppose the cuts and destruction of the welfare state.

Being an "intellectual" without being an "engaged intellectual",will change nothing.

Like the old man said, the point is to change it - the world that is.

Well done to CRAPAUDPINION for taking the time to post the photos. As we know getting more than 40 people in Jersey to be in the same place to discuss politics is an achievement. There were about 100 to 150 people in attendance. What sort of resistance has since been mounted? Will those about to lose their jobs just roll over and expect their tummy to be tickled?

Less cynicism, more engagement and action required!


TonyTheProf said...

I'm certainly opposed to cuts to the welfare state (or Jersey's reduced version - no free doctors, for example!)

But when I see a photo, and am prompted "caption competition"- did you notice that on the right hand side of the picture - I naturally look for something silly and satirical. I'd have done the same if it had been Terry Le Sueur or the Baillif!

Surely "caption competition" suggests something light and frothy by way of comment?