Thursday, 27 November 2008

Every vote counts!

Remember this...

Deputies Election 26th November 2008, St. Helier district 3
Ben Fox 698 - elected
Suzette Hase 697 - unelected

Every single vote makes a difference. Many times I've been tempted to avoid the polling station, thinking that my one vote wouldn't really matter. So far this has been true, but the result above does show that we all count.

Remember to tell people that when they say they can't be bothered to vote because it never makes any difference! :)

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voiceforchildren said...

Never a truer word spoken. Every vote truly counts and what a shame Suzette Hase lost to such a close margin.

She was very electable and would have been a great replacement for Ben (GST28) Fox

(comment edited to remove a mild opinion that I still wouldn't like to justify publishing in a court! Feel free to say it on your own blog though, LOL
Thanks - crapaud)